Watch the Global Roundtable of Industry Leaders Elevating the Conversation, connecting experiences & innovating during the COVID-19 crisis. Stay on top of evolving trends & relevant industry changes to successfully navigate change & thrive in today’s complex unfolding business environment! 

Tourism & VIsitor Economy Session






Development and Communications VP

Founder, Rive Consulting Corp. &

Former Executive Director 

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Does this pandemic have you fantasizing about trips to turquoise beaches to breathe in that crisp sea breeze? Or desiring to go on an adventure hike up lush green mountains? Worry no further, I have brought together representatives from two exotic countries, Costa Rica in Central America and Puerto Rico, island in the Caribbean, to understand what the  future of tourism entails. 

Tune in! Travel loading... 

June 26th, 2020

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Banking & finance Session


Speaker on COVID-19 phases

& call to action

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Banking & Finance roundtable

Watch the banking & finance roundtable and learn what the banking sector is doing to stay relevant & thriving. Hear from the C-suite panel as they discuss business priorities & the future of the industry.

May 8th, 2020

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consumer industry Session


Speaker on Labor Law 

Labor Law Reforms during COVID-19

April 17, 2020 / (9 minutes)

COVID-19 habit changes 

Learn how consumer behaviour has and continues to change during COVID-19. Find out how multinational consumer companies stay ahead. VP Juan Alarcón mentions an increase in bikes and board games sales. Reminds me of my childhood! If we are going back to basics, wouldn't it be interesting to make more room for bicycle transportation as Holland has, thus redesigning our cities?

Hear what Wal-Mart & Kellogg's have to say!

Labor Law Reforms during COVID-19

April 17, 2020 / (24 minutes)

Central America Labour COVID-19 Law Reforms 

Stay up to date with labour reforms. Your company may be entitled to some relief & benefits. Listen in to Partner at Benedetti Central LawAna Cristina Arosemena on:

  • Working from home labour reforms in Central America

  • Resistance to change among employees

  • What to do if an employee is COVID-19 positive

  • Insurance coverage (Public vs. Private)

  • Act of God/Force Majeure 

Labor Law Reforms during COVID-19

April 17, 2020 (10 minutes)

Crisis & Labor Market Impact

What are large multinationals looking for these days? Wal-Mart & talent experts, BMA Group tell us about traditional paradigm shifts to watch. How can we stay relevant and sharpen our skills? What does COVID-19 instability mean for the labour market? Questions & more questions answered! Life coach Tatiana Álvarez shares insight on how to hone in on your development.

Labor Law Reforms during COVID-19

April 17, 2020 / (11 minutes)

COVID-19 Business Priorities

Today's business landscape is nothing like it was, nor will it ever be. And do we really want it to revert? With consistent mayhem, priorities shift. How can we prepare for the unknown? Hear from everyone on the panel!  

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Active Market Segments During COVID-19 Times


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Multi industry Session


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Speaker on Wellness


Medical Technology


Labor Law Reforms during COVID-19

April 10, 2020 / (15 minutes)

Change is here to stay!

Within three weeks into the lockdowns in Latin America...

Quest Software's human resources underlines that they are in the industry of "knowledge" and have had to accommodate to new ways of sharing knowledge and understanding their customers, while talent experts, BMA Group's SVP emphasizes the pivotal competencies required to bring results in today's uncertain business environment. 


Listen to leaders in the technology, medical device, energy, insurance & talent sectors highlight the change they have experienced while their businesses transition into escalating regulations, new working styles & mindset shifts. 

Labor Law Reforms during COVID-19

March 17, 2020 (13 minutes)

What skills do you need to thrive?

What are companies doing to stay attractive to employees? What changes and support do employees require to adapt?

Listen to multinational leadership emphasize talent development opportunities and what capabilities they consider important to upskill to stay ahead of the game? 

Labor Law Reforms during COVID-19

March 17, 2020 (8 minutes)

Technological advancements & the need to connect

Pushing forward in this crisis calls for change and modernization of our systems and interactions between industry and government agencies. What drastic changes have been implemented in Panama, Costa Rica and Puerto RicoWhat transformations are taking place externally as countries and internally as companies? 

As a bonus, with physical presence being nearly impossible, it is innovative and creative teams that will keep teams connected & motivated. Find out the fun ways the Americas team at Puma Energy, mid- & downstream oil multinational, keeps its employees engaged!

Labor Law Reforms during COVID-19

March 17, 2020 (23 minutes)

Wellness & high performance

With everything going on, health & wellness become important to monitor. Professional trainer & fitness coach with over 13 years experience, Curtis Bielski brings us the must do routines to keep balanced and performing at our highest self. 

Few tips below and watch for much more!

  • Schedule appointments with yourself to prioritize your health - physical, mental & emotional 

  • Walking 8-10k steps a day

  • Fresh air & Vitamin-D

  • Dress for work 

  • Compartmentalize work-life balance 

young professional Session




Trade Marketing Manager (Consumer Electronics and Mobile)

Banking & Finance roundtable

As the crisis began to loom, our roles rapidly changed, our working environments were confined to a single space, social distancing and lockdowns were implemented, and we all simply had to adjust. It was not simple and it took some serious reorganization for it to fall into place. Some industries were directly affected and roles changed dramatically. Looking to learn from each other & inspire transformation, young professional leaders came together to reflect & depict our "new reality." 

April 9th, 2020

participant testimonials

María Rivera

“Very insightful and eye-opening to hear what different business leaders are doing to ensure their continuity and sustainable operations into what is to come.”

  • LinkedIn

Tatiana Álvarez

"I left this forum inspired! Having these exchanges during these times is crucial since they shift our mindset from our everyday situations to thinking about how we are going to become better human beings and professionals in business. Innovation is key during this transformation of our organizational models. Thank you Leyla for inviting me to participate and congrats on a very well executed initiative!"

Ingrid Rivera

"Thank you so much for inviting me! I really enjoyed the experience; it was fun, enriching and a great interchange of ideas! Congratulations on your initiative and your leadership to showcase new ideas, propel inquisitive discussions and overall, make things happen!"

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April 9th, 2020


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    Stay on top of labour law changes & their impact on every sector & listen in to industry leaders connect experiences & innovate during the COVID-19 crisis, successfully navigating change & thriving in today’s complex & evolving business environment!
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    Stay on top of labour law changes & their impact on every sector. Listen in to industry leaders connect experiences & innovate during the COVID-19 crisis, successfully navigating change, thriving in today’s complex & evolving business environment!

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Leyla & Tatiana​

When life brings together a creative provocateur & a strategic life coach with the purpose of inspiring and creating a positive mindset environment during the C-19 pandemic, you get the  Contagio Sessions!
Ditch traditional paradigms and redefine your happiness.

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