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Who am I? I am an insatiable intellect, a curious wanderer, an all-time lover, a creative designer, a hopeless dreamer, an alluring romantic, a quixotic idealist, a defying optimist, an ambitious hard-worker, an unleashed dancer, an ever-evolving medusa of passions... I feel sexiest when I wear a smile; I feel passionately and intensely, and I want others to find the engulfing sense of fulfilment in themselves and in their lives that I have. I simply ‘Live Fully’ and appreciate the ordinary and extraordinary moments, and boy do I have stories to tell. Life is certainly rich of sublime experiences, if you allow yourself to see.

I’ve been wanting to write a blog since I was in high school, but like all writers, there was always the, “I’ll get to it... soon....” Soon came at 30, but I found my drive and here I am. So many obstacles to start, desiring ‘inspiration’ to strike, the famous “writer’s block,” with which I excused my
quiescence. No such thing, “Just DO IT,” as Nike brilliantly nailed right on the head. So here I am. The movement has finally begun.

"Where do I start?" I asked myself. I have wide-ranging thoughts, a myriad of questions, a
smorgasbord of interests. “Find a niche,” was what all the articles said. It never resonated with me because I live as a whole and my curiosity has never been limited to one sphere. I believe the medley of human experience is not restricted to one segment of the self, for we are composed of innumerable pieces that make up each individual puzzle. I don’t pretend to be an expert on all topics, but as a keen researcher, surely to feed and satiate my perpetual desires of Mind, Body & Soul, enriched by life experience and human connection, leading to a full and beautifully complex simple life. It is not black or white, in fact, grey falls short of describing the in-betweens of the colour pallet of the human being, I'll be painting life's story and I invite you to explore intensely with me! And by all means, shoot me some feedback!! It’s all about having some authentic fun and exploring human capacity and ability to live a fulfilling life. 




Be Mindful 

#GoodVibesOnly We all have bad days, work those at home.

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The world has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic impact it brings; I could not sit by while it happened. As so, I began leading several initiatives to provide resources to all as we navigate change and transform ourselves & our world order.
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