Penned by Leyla S. Tückler

Who am I? I am an insatiable intellect, a curious wanderer, a creative designer, an all-time lover, a hopeless dreamer, an alluring romantic, a quixotic idealist, a defying optimist, an ambitious hard-worker, an unleashed dancer, an ever-evolving medusa of passions... I feel sexiest when I wear a smile; I feel passionately and intensely and I want others to find the engulfing sense of fulfillment in themselves and in their lives that I have. I simply ‘Live Fully,’ embracing God's gifts, & designing the lush life I lead and boy do I have stories to tell. Join in me in my rollercoaster days full of experience and richness & discover yours! 


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Be Mindful 

#GoodVibesOnly We all have bad days, work those at home.

Professional career

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The world has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic impact it brings; I could not sit by while it happened. As so, I began leading several initiatives to provide resources to all as we navigate change and transform ourselves & our world order.
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